Cromwell’s brutal ascension to power is told via Eurodance-inflected songs.
Two sisters become each other’s lifeline during the bleakest months of COVID-19.
Three friends live in the shadow of a schoolmate who became an Olympian medallist.
An interactive play stages an intergenerational encounter between city inhabitants
Women of colour aim their stings against Irish whiteness.
In Thisispopbaby's circus of grief, the division between the living and the dead feels porous.
In Druid’s comedy, a violent brawl in a theatre reveals the bloody origins of western culture.
In Jan Martens’s dance about protest, Górecki’s music is like a runaway train. Photo: Phile Deprez
In Junk Ensemble's dance, two older people contemplate death, and the rest of their lives. Photo: Luca Truffarelli
An Octoroon, adapted from Dion Boucicalt's play, is a bombshell.
A young farmer, much like his creator Patrick Kavanagh, isn't easy to reconcile with.
A soldier falls for a rebel in an opera both femme-fatale cynical and genuinely emotional.