In Druid’s comedy, a violent brawl in a theatre reveals the bloody origins of western culture.
In Jan Martens’s dance about protest, Górecki’s music is like a runaway train. Photo: Phile Deprez
In Junk Ensemble's dance, two older people contemplate death, and the rest of their lives. Photo: Luca Truffarelli
An Octoroon, adapted from Dion Boucicalt's play, is a bombshell.
A young farmer, much like his creator Patrick Kavanagh, isn't easy to reconcile with.
A soldier falls for a rebel in an opera both femme-fatale cynical and genuinely emotional.
The woman in Marina Carr’s play looks miserable. Can her unhappiness be better understood?
A horror-opera, an absurdist classic, and dramas about conspiracy theories and casual sex
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Feeling Good