It’s a celebration.

I’m Chris McCormack, a theatre critic.

Since first writing about plays in 2010, I’ve covered theatre in Ireland for the Irish Times, Irish Independent, The Stage and Exeunt Magazine.

Concerns about pleasure and thought are as old as art-making itself. Criticism is the quest into why artworks delight us. It’s a celebration, and a whole lot of fun.

Won’t you join me?

Whether on the street or in the library, everyone does art-thinking and debating. For some reason it’s fundamental to our experiences on Earth: “Did I like it? Did it change my life?”

Critics have the same bubbling opinions but their job is to express them publicly and articulately, to make a noise in the world. That’s pretty useful in an era where we’re constantly inundated with options, with countless offers of diversion and entertainment. Let’s sort through it and find something worthwhile.

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Chris McCormack
Theatre hack. Art arguer. Bylines: Irish Times, Irish Independent, The Stage. Monetising art criticism at